So after almost five months into my exchange, here I am; finally got myself into the editing stress a blog represents for me. I have written before about my exchange but always in random facebook posts. I guessed it was time to get my sh*t together.

In my defense, the first few months were most of all exhausting. I was building my life again from zero – no, not only my life, I was rebuilding myself. That’s what you are forced to do when you leave everything you know, everything that somehow defines you. Your house, your hobbies, your friends, the things you complain about in a daily basis. Even if most of the changes are for the better, you start to feel the longing of the comfort habits give you. The longing of knowing how things work, what it’s your day going to be like tomorrow when you wake up, which faces you are going to see, the language you are going to hear and TRY to speak. I found myself in fragile moods where even the tiniest victory like finding my way back home, making myself understandable in a completely new language, being the target of some stranger’s amiability filled me of euphoria. And the smallest dumbest things would bring me down to earth… and below. But they were also exhausting for good reasons. You find yourself surrounded of new wonderful landscapes and colors. For me, it was the change from city to countryside, from chaotic to organized, from flat to mountains clouding the sun. Everything was something new to be discovered and analysed and I couldn’t let my mind or my senses miss a single thing of what was happening around me.  I never screamed, danced, laughed, cried, erased and wrote in such equivalent amounts as I did those first months.

But I could say now I am at least used to not being used to things. So I’ll have the time and the energy to either bore you or entertain you.


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